the last post…

This might be the last post that I write on this page for a very longtime. If you are looking for my page you can check my out at No I’m not going to link to it. If you want to get there, you’ll need to type it in yorself you lazy bastard.

Yeah, Same Dice is all about craps. It comes from the casino. Went you are shooting craps and one or both of the dice leave the table, the shooter can say… or shout, Same Dice! The casino then lets the shooter continue to play with the original dice that they were shooting with.

A lot of people consider it bad luck to change dice in the middle of roll, so people don’t like to did. And that it why the yell Same Dice!

Fun! Casino’s are fun. I love Las Vegas and Atlantic City. AC is great, but they currently don’t allow sports betting in Atlantic City. Which is retarded. Las Vegas has sports betting. AC should have that shit too!

I like Las Vegas. They have a lot of casinos there. Like hundreds of Casinos. Casinos that offer poker, craps, sports betting, 3 card, roulette, slot machines and all kinds of things you can play and lose money on. After all the odds are always stacked against you. Those Vegas casinos where built to make money, and they do… just think about how much it cost to build some of those huge casinos, and the amount of money it costs to run one for just one day. The cost are huge, so their must make a lot of money from the gamblers.

Of course Vegas has had sports betting for years. If you want to go to Las Vegas it’s easy. Just hop on a plane. It’s easy to get to Vegas from anywhere in the United States.

Well, that’s it for now. This site will probably go silent for a long time. It was fun will it lasted, but I have to leave now to work on sites I really care about.

Peace out bitches.

Shots and Drinks

A few other sites that I’m developing are about different kind of shots and drinks. One of this sites I own is called Liquid Heroin. This is a shot made with Jagermeister, Rumple Minze and Bacardi 151. It is good and it is often confused with a Liquid Cocaine shot. I wanted to develop a site about Liquid Cocaine too, but the domain name was already taken. No matter. I’m also creating a site about the drink Surfer on Acid.

Also made with Jagermeister, the drink Surfer on Acid is another great drink! It’s made with Jagermeister, Coconut Rum and Pinnapple Juice. It is served in bars around the world, and it’s awesome.

You can drink both these drinks as shots. And shots are awesome! Just ask LMFAO.

Are you really reading this site? Well, thanks for still reading. If you like to read under developed sites, maybe you would like to read the College Bartender. I don’t think I’l have much content there in the future either!

Betting on Major League Soccer (The MLS) and the World Cup

This article is about betting on Major League Soccer in the United States. The MLS isn’t a very popular sport in the United States, but its been getting more and more attention recently. It seems like every four years the World Cup really helps the sports of soccer to get more fans in America.

So this article is is going to be linking to a few sites I own about betting on sports, mainly soccer. One of the new sites that I’m developing now is called Bet MLS Soccer. Right now I’m trying to get this site to be the first hit in google and bing when people are looking for information on how to bet on Major League Soccer. That is why I’m linking to it in this post. You see the more links I have pointed to this site, the more important search engines think this site is!

Of course I also own a site or two about betting on the FIFA World Cup, and trust me, I’m going to link to one or two of those sites as well. See I recently had a lot of websites live and now I’m forced to write something on all of them to get them indexed by the search engines. Unfortunately for this site, I don’t give a shit about the content, and I’m only using to link to sites that I deem as more important. And that is the whole point about this article. I also want to get this post to at least 300 words since I’m linking to other sites from it. Right now this article is at 269 words. Now 271…

So the next World Cup is in 2014 in Brazil, and I’m hoping to develop a kick ass website for it. The site will be about betting on the World Cup, and naturally it’s called Bet the World Cup. This site has a lot of competition since that are already a lot of site dedicated to betting the FIFA World Cup. Of course I have over two years to develop it and link to it, so I hope it will rank well by the time the next World Cup comes around. is here!

This is our brand new site created on Leap Day 2012! Yes, this site is a Leap Day Baby.

While we are at the very beginning stages of development, let me assure you that great things will be coming soon. We will soon be reaching out to friendly bartenders at colleges across the country (and maybe the world) to ask them “What’s your favorite drink?”

We love to drink, and we love to write, but for now please don’t expect us to update too often just yet. We still have a lot to do to get this site up and running the way we would like it. But once it’s up, it’ll be up for good! Trust us, we’ll be here for years!